I'm an emotionally unstable wreck, welcome to my life

I finally decided to watch City Hunter after all. I've avoided all revenge dramas after Maou couldn't take anymore pain after that but after 4 years I thought I had to yes I haven't been able to watch Maou again even after 4 years, I break down in the first episode and end up crying so much I can't see and have to stop watching And I absolutely loved it, it's definitely one of the best dramas I've ever seen.

But now I finished it and it's Maou feelings all over again. Crying until I feel all numb and can't cry any more. And then start crying again without any warning. And again and again... All the feelings are just so... it's too much AND IT HURTS I MEAN LOOK AT ALL THIS

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Eyebrows~ Have I gotten a thing for eyebrows now?

Happy Birthday to me~ :)

Haha okay that's not what I was going to talk about. I finally started to watch a Taiwanese drama (Just You), which I haven't done before. And honestly at first I really didn't like it but I grew on me and now I'm stuck~ I love Qi Yi/Aaron. The only reason I kept watching after the first episode was that I was curious about his past and if something had triggered his obsession with how clean it has to be around him and that everything has to be on the right place, it can't be even a mm off. At first I thought he had obsessive-compulsive disorder. I could see quite a few symptoms but I guess it's not that, because he doesn't seem to be sick.

Anyway it triggered my curiosity and I'm glad it did. I actually really love the drama and I find Qi Yi really interesting, attractive and sweet in his own ways :) But what I might love the most is this, or at least in the beginning in the drama when he did it a lot and before I got to know him~

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Really, you NEVER learn

I finally made a new layout, really not my strongest side XD I didn't have much of choice either. After some time without checking my lj I came back to find my old layout kind of gone haha

Also it seems like there are people selling dramas, movies and concerts again on facebook. You can find the links in tegohika's entry here. Please report them. It's so terrible that this keeps happening. The fandom has terrible sides and I'm so disappointed. It seems like they're subbed too. Anyway I really don't know much so I can't really say anything

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Happy Birthday Nino!! ♥

It's still 17th in some parts of the world~ But I really hadn't planned to post this so late, but it took all day to finish it (poorly planned XD)
I'm wishing our lovable, sweet brat a Happy 17th 30th birthday ♥ I hope you had a great day and that Riida gave himself as a birthday present for you hehe May you stay healthy and young forever :)

There's so much I love about you (but Riida, you'll always be my ichiban ♥). You're really such a nice person and always think about everyone, watching them and caring. You have a sharp tongue and always come up with quick, bratty comments, you know what to say to keep everything going in variety and you're the one person who makes sure our beloved Riida opens his mouth once in a while.
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They still have the fighting spirit

This AnShi episode is hilarious!! I can't wait to see it subbed. And just this short clip that lovely demy_arashi uploaded has it all.
Aiba trying his best but still ends up being cute and messing up. Ohno simply being Ohno and turns everything into a cute joke with awesome facial expressions. Matsujun showing off his cool side and show he can do anything but ending it quite unexpected. Sho failing a bit. Nino's bratty side shows.

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So excited~

Guess what's been released~

I can't wait for my copy to arrive, I still haven't watched anything for the concert except for the news clips. Just a little time left until I get to watch it I'll do my best to not fall into the temptation of downloading it and watching it before it arrives

Also I  really can't wait to May 15th~ I want KT's new single. Unfortunate I don't have any money so I won't be able to buy... But I'm still really looking forward to it :D It's an awesome song, I love it already :)