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Arashi Blast disappears with a storm

This makes me so angry. I was hoping I would have calmed down after a good night's sleep, but instead I'm just more pissed. Since when I woke up there were even more photos and videos up. I was really hoping every fan would realize how serious this is. They're violating the rules Johnny has put up and they don't even care.

I would forgive them if they simple didn't know about it, I mean that would be understandable even though I think all fans should know the rules by now, it's not like they made the rules yesterday, they've always been there. But having read the warnings, and gotten warnings from a lot of fans but simply not care, that pisses me off. There are people who even answer the warnings and say that they don't care. That the DVD will be released any way. How could you possible know that? It's happened before. And even though they'd make a lot of money off the DVD, they still have a lot of other groups to make money of, and they're already made a lot of money from the concert with all the goods probably.

Anyway, yes of course we're greatful that you want to share photos and videos with us. Of course we're happy to see that. But if they say we can't get a DVD because of that, and we ask you to take it down so we won't loose the DVD, you should at least listen. You'll still have the photos and videos for yourself, in your private collection, just don't share it. There's no need to show it. If you want to put it up, think twice first. You got to be there, and see Arashi live. That's a dream come true. You've already seen them and you have videos and photos, but I'm sure you'd still love to get a DVD. And try to think about the other fans that didn't have the opportunity to see them there. If we don't get a DVD we won't get to see the concert at all. And although there are a lot of fanvids, come on, the quality isn't really great, and it's not the whole concert. It lacks A LOT! So just because you want to show that, Hey I was there it was awesome, you'll ruin the chance for everyone else that want to buy the DVD? You realize that's not fair, right? It's their 15th Anniversary concert, of course we want that on DVD

And please think about this too. Arashi finally had a concert OUTSIDE Asia. Did you even think that was possible? The chance that would happen was really small. So this was a big deal, not only for the fans but for Arashi too. So now, I want you to ask yourself. What are the odds that this will ever happen again? You can't expect the agency to let them have a concert outside Asia again if you violate the rules. The chances of Arashi performing live outside Asia agian are tiny, but with all this going on you can forget all dreams of them returning.

So now I want to ask you. Is it really worth it? Are a few photos and videos worth ruining the chance of a DVD and a possible international concert? I certainly don't think it's worth it. So I ask of you, please, take down all your photos and videos. For all the fans, and for Arashi too. And if anyone reads this very long entry, and cares, please ask your friends and other fans to take down their photos. I know a lot has been taken down, and I appreciate that so much. But there's still so much up there. Just go to instagram's tag #arashiblast there's still a lot there...

And one last thing, there are some people saying they talked to the staff at the concert. And that they would have said the DVD will be released no matter what. I don't care what they've said, the agency has warned us to take it all down. You should follow that :)

I really didn't want my first entry in a long time to be this sad and angry, I haven't even written anything about Arashi's 15th Anniversary yet! But all of this makes me so sad and breaks my heart
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