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Street SM 2014

I've been meaning to write about this for such a long time, but well I'm just too lazy. As anyone who has talked to me or follow me on twitter and actually read what I write knows, I love to dance. Dance takes up so much time of my life. This past year has basically been: get up and go to work, hurry home and cook something to eat, go and dance a couple of hours, go home and maybe watch something if there's still time for that, and go to sleep. Every single day haha So yeah, I spend about as much time at the dance school as I do at home, especially when we were preparing for the competitions.

So let's see... In April we went to Jyväskylä to compete (were we get either cut or qualify for the finals). I competed in three different categories: solo, duo and pienryhmä ("small group" consisting of about 7 people, so a dance crew). I placed 15th in solo so I didn't qualify for the finals but this was the first time I've ever competed in solo so I was just really happy and it felt amazing. Me and my sister competed together in duo, we had made the choreography ourselves. We placed 16th, so no finals there either. It was still a lot of fun. (I might upload a video later).

The pienryhmä though. It was a lot of fun, and we had the most amazing crew. And my favorite dance teacher had made our choreography so it was all amazing :D And the most amazing part was~ WE PLACED 3RD!!! :DDD So we qualified for the finals. It felt amazing :D

In May we went all the way down to Vantaa were the finals of Street SM were held (SM is short for Suomen Mestaruus, which translated is something like the Finnish Championship, so it's Finland's biggest Streetdance competiton). Here we competed with our pienryhmä (Kipinä Crew) and muodostelma (it's group consisting of more than 20 dancers, so we focus a lot on formation and stuff). If you've actually read this far, you'll get to watch some videos soon :)

Competing is really fun. It's always one of the most fun and memorable weekends every year :) Also you get a lot closer to the dancers in your group too ^^ Anyway, we had all an amazing time and it was even more amazing when we got to know how well it went ^^

This is Kipinä Crew. We had a lot of fun and we got 6th place! In other words we're the 6th best pienryhmä in Finland :D

And here is our muodostelma dance, which an talented teacher made the choreography for. We were called Peacekeeping Forces. There was a whole story that we were supposed to tell through the dance (the the facial expression played a big role in that). We went to war, we fought, and experienced a lot of different things like anger and despair, and then we get to go home. We placed 6th in this category too :D
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