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I made this in May I think but I decided to share it after all (thanks to rainbowsongi). I liked Shinigami-kun, it wasn't one of my favorite doramas but it was a sweet drama and Riida was really~ cute ♥ And I really liked this photo of Riida, hence the drawing

Sorry, this is a bit of a late idea but since someone actually has seen this (YAY), so if anyone else actually happens to see this. The first three who comments on this will get to request a drawing if they like (if you want you can link a photo you'd like me to draw, it would make it a bit easier for me, but it's optional ^^). Please tell me what kind of style you'd like (anime, chibi or "real person" portrait). And of course it doesn't have to be Arashi related though that might be easiest for me XD  I haven't drawn much lately and requests would really inspire me hihi
Tags: fanart, ohno satoshi, shinigami-kun
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