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23 March 2013 @ 06:03 pm
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So the day came, I've started writing a lot friends only entries and felt like it wasn't more than right to make this post. Feel free to add me, I love making friends, but please leave a comment somewhere in my journal or just PM me. The reason is as simple as I'd like to know something about you before adding you back.

My journal is mostly just fangirling and sometimes small bits from my personal life. Sometimes I also upload some fanart. Music, dance and fangirling is my life so be prepared for that if you want to be friends. Fangirling and fanart will be public but personal life (mostly dancing) will be friends only.

Please do add me if:
- We have something in common
- You like talking
- Simply wants to be friends

Please no:
- Hating or bashing

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20 January 2018 @ 11:23 pm

Coming back from the dead or something ^^'
Real life hit me hard. I'm currently studying at uni and working as a dance teacher on the side. So I don't have a lot of free time. I should actually be working on my bachelor thesis now but never mind that~ I miss the fandom and I wanna try and find my way back!

So I made a DW as a fresh start. I will try to be there from time to time and also pop into LJ, but I won't make any promises. You can always find me in at a lot of other social media. Links in my profile somewhere~

But hopefully I'm semi back now!

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11 March 2015 @ 04:35 pm
Hello everyone~

I haven't posted anything in forever, and been really inactive in everything called fandoms but todays a very special day. It's 4 years since the big earthquake in Japan, which took thousands of lives and robbed poeple of their homes. This deserves some thought and there's something we can do too. Just go to http://www.yahoo.co.jp/ and search "3.11" in the search field. This way you'll donate 10 yen to reconstraction assistance. It won't even take a minute :)
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21 September 2014 @ 01:26 pm
This makes me so angry. I was hoping I would have calmed down after a good night's sleep, but instead I'm just more pissed. Since when I woke up there were even more photos and videos up. I was really hoping every fan would realize how serious this is. They're violating the rules Johnny has put up and they don't even care.

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29 July 2014 @ 08:59 pm
I've been meaning to write about this for such a long time, but well I'm just too lazy. As anyone who has talked to me or follow me on twitter and actually read what I write knows, I love to dance. Dance takes up so much time of my life. This past year has basically been: get up and go to work, hurry home and cook something to eat, go and dance a couple of hours, go home and maybe watch something if there's still time for that, and go to sleep. Every single day haha So yeah, I spend about as much time at the dance school as I do at home, especially when we were preparing for the competitions.

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28 July 2014 @ 10:00 pm

I made this in May I think but I decided to share it after all (thanks to rainbowsongi). I liked Shinigami-kun, it wasn't one of my favorite doramas but it was a sweet drama and Riida was really~ cute ♥ And I really liked this photo of Riida, hence the drawing

Sorry, this is a bit of a late idea but since someone actually has seen this (YAY), so if anyone else actually happens to see this. The first three who comments on this will get to request a drawing if they like (if you want you can link a photo you'd like me to draw, it would make it a bit easier for me, but it's optional ^^). Please tell me what kind of style you'd like (anime, chibi or "real person" portrait). And of course it doesn't have to be Arashi related though that might be easiest for me XD  I haven't drawn much lately and requests would really inspire me hihi
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19 July 2014 @ 04:56 pm

I haven't drawn in a long time but I'm really happy with the result :) Not to mention I haven't drawn Kame before, I usually mostly draw Riida since his round baby face is easier XD
I'd be happy to hear your opinions~
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08 October 2013 @ 12:41 am

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15 September 2013 @ 11:07 pm

Happy 14th Anniversary Arashi! ♥

First of all, congratulations for another successful year. Once again you've had a busy year with singles, albums, tours, dramas, movies, variety shows and tv appearances. Also you got to host 24 Hour TV again. You've done so much in just a year and I hope you will stay busy but I truly hope you will get some days off too, hopefully more of them the coming year, so that you get to rest and take care of your health and have time for your hobbies.

I'd like to thank you for so much, I don't think I'll be able to express all of it but I'll do my best.
Thank you for always filling my days with joy and laughter. Seeing you play on TV and be yourself and simply enjoy yourself in your work always makes me smile. So thank you for being my smile. Thank you for always making me feel better when I have a bad day. Thank you for supporting me when I feel alone. Thank you for pushing me forward when I feel like giving up. Thank you for filling my life with beautiful music I can both enjoy listening to and enjoy dancing to. Thank you for inspiring me with your dance choreographs. Thank you for changing my life to be more fun after I started listening to you. Thank you for always being here so I can turn to you when I need someone. Thank you for existing.

Aiba-chan. Thank you for always brighten the day with your beautiful smile and making me laugh with your experiments that hardly ever end well. You once said: “Rather than smiling because things are enjoyable, I always think that if you smile, there’s something enjoyable waiting for you.” and I believe you. You've made me realize how important it is to smile, both for me and the people around me. Thank you for loving Arashi so much and thank you for being part of Arashi.

Matsujun. At first I didn't know what to think about you, I couldn't really figure out who you were. But the more I get to know you the more I love you :) Thank you for taking care of Arashi and scolding Oh-chan from time to time. You're amazing for never giving up and always pushing yourself so thank you for giving me courage to push myself forward. And thank you for making the moving stage so you guys can be closer to us at concerts, I promise that I one day will be there too. Thank you for having baited so many to become Arashi fans and thank you for being part of Arashi.

Nino. You bratty gamer. Thank you for always being close to Oh-chan. Thank you for writing the most beautiful songs that always touches me. Thank you for playing the guitar and piano so beautifully. Your songs inspire people and I do believe I dare to say some of your songs have saved lives. Thank you for your acting. You've truly touched my heart with your remarkable acting. Thank you for livening up your shows with your witty comments and interacting with the guests as equals. Thank you for bullying everyone and thank you for being part of Arashi.

Sho-kun. Thank you for being the second leader who does pretty much everything. Thank you for devoting your life to everything you do. You're so hard working and that's amazing but on the same time I'm worried about your health, are you getting enough rest? Thank you for being Arashi's spokesperson. Thank you for being a good person for people to look up to, being it an idol, person, news caster or anything. Thank you for allowing Arashi bully you. And I love your air muscles. Thank you for showing that it's good the be educated and that studying actually can be a fun thing. Thank you for giving me a quote to live after "Write it as a dream, read it as a goal." Thank you for taking care of Arashi and leading them from behind, thank you for being part of Arashi.

Riida. My baby and ichiban. I love you. You are the cutest and funniest with your amazing facial expressions and whenever I see you I fall in love again. You're smile is just so incredible beautiful, never loose it. You always look so innocent and you never seem to do anything but you're so talented. And I believe that you've truly showed that you can be yourself and still be successful and as long as you're true to yourself you will be loved. You're so talented. You seem to be able to do anything. Thank you existing. Thank you for making me try to chase my dream. You've showed so many times that dreams aren't impossible. You've showed that even though you have a personality that is quite the opposite of an typical idol you can still be an idol that is loved by many. You might not talk so much but that is part of who you are and I love you for that. It's amazing that you still always are able to say the closing line without being prepared for it when the other members throw it at you. You're not the typical leader either. You quietly watch over the other members and support them. You have this amazing presence and aura that keeps everyone together. Thank you for making Arashi who you are. Thank you for being Arashi's leader and thank you for being part of Arashi.

Arashi. Thank you for existing. I will keep loving you and supporting you and I hope that I one day will be able to go to your concerts. There's so much more I'd like to say but I don't think I can express myself very well. So simply thank you for everything. I love you. Keep doing your best and be yourself and have fun and your fans will always love you
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26 August 2013 @ 11:49 am

These babies arrived at my door today :DDD It arrived a lot faster than I thought and Ohno you're so beautiful~ Can't stop staring at him ;)
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